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I bought a car from daniels motors on 04/12/2017 a 2006 cheverolet impala, never had any major problems with the car. | went on 10/9/2017 to have them to do my free oil change as stated in the contract, so as i waited at the building my car was taken somewhere else to have the oil changed done, and brought bck to stated that my car was ready. | i ask where did they have to go the guy stated dwn pass the smiley court area,. | so as i drove the car home it was fine. | woke up the next day driving the car from taylor road to troy hwy the car statred running hot and making noise. | so i pulled over and cut the car off. | i cranked the car bck up and tried to make it bck home safely, the car cut off completely and would not do anything. | i called daniel motors and they sent a tow truck to pick up the car. | i waited for them to call me about the car to see what was wrong because i was not having any problems out my car before now, they never called me, everytime i called theguy Mark said we working on it. | so i went down there and ask why no one has called me about my vehicle they stated they were just about to call, he said well u have locked up your motor, i said there is no way i could have locked up a motor when u just did my oil change and checked my fluids supposely. | i ask to speak with the owner, he came he said his name is Jim daniels. i stated to him what was told to me and he said yes that what we seen, and i can only pay 50/50 because that is our policy, | i said no i am not paying for anything because i could i lock up a motor and i just brought it to your company to do the oil changed and put fluids in my car, i ask for receipts for the oil change, there was not any, i ask who did the oil change, no answer, also i ask where is the sticker so that i can see what the mileage is and when should the next change be done, no answer. | the owner was so rude and racisit he did not allow me to get a word in , he said that i can pay half and he will pay the other half. | i stated that your people tore up my car, so i ask him that he was not going to give me any receipts, he said i not giving you anything, i said well you can give me another car or my money back, he said no i will not. | he continue to be smart and ask me to leave his premises and he called the police to ask them to escort me off the prmises. and i said that you do not rip people out of their money and be smart, because i always paid my car note on time faithfully and was never late. no reply. | daniels motors company inc | montgomery alabama 36108

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