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To the manager of Jetstar, I am writing to bring to your attention a serious issue I had in your establishment last week. I had received the worst customer service I have had in a long time.. I was checking into Jetstar to go back home to my husband, I am a regular flyer with Jetstar and come to Darwin every chance I get to visit family. Ive never had an issue with Jetstar but after the weekend im not impressed at all.. The girl that served me had brown hair, brown eyes I believe and had light brown skin, I believe her name badge said “Amelia” to be prosiest. I’m appalled at the lack of common courtesy and professionalism she had in customer service. I had a heavy bag and asked for some help from “Amelia” at the desk and could see she was on her mobile phone laughing at something that came through.. as I proceeded to ask again for some help to lift on to the convey belt she still proceeded to ‘text’ on her phone.. she had an attitude when I told her what was happening and still didn’t proceed to help.. a nice gentleman helped me lift the bag onto the convey belt. she had muddled up my ticket and had that I was flying to Adelaide instead of Brisbane it wasn’t until the lady at the gate read my ticket as she was ripping it off to board the plane and said ‘have a good time in Adelaide’ when I was meant to be on the plane to Brisbane that I missed.. I am concerned with the lack of understanding I received from the staff member who helped me. She misunderstood my request and refused to let me speak to her supervisor when I ran back down and told her she sold me the wrong ticket and didn’t do anything about it, I had to go and ask I nice boy from a different airline. I felt she acted very unprofessionally. If you could maybe talk to your staff in customer service at Jetstar and let them know that you need to be professional and to go on your personal phones at the end of your shifts.. and to most importantly pay attention to your customers. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Sincerely

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