Dave Briggs

Dave Briggs

I saw a house For Rent on TRUILIA.com (which when I checked back a Couple of Days later it said the Property was no longer available).

I do not, as of yet, live in Seattle, but had a Friend who does live in Seattle pass by the house and the REAL owner of the house, who lives across the Street from the “Rental Property” tell Him that He just SOLD the house and it was never For Rent !

I have also contacted Trulia.com.

Luckily I did not put out any money up front because it seemed to good to be true and as the saying goes, if it seems to be good to be true, it probably is.

I am a Handicapped Individual who survives on Social Security and I sincerely HOPE that nobody has fallen for this scam.

The person who is “Renting out His house” said that He was a Doctor and has decided to stay in A City, PA for the next Three Years and continuing working for the Red Cross Lutheran Hospital Donor Center.

The name He gave me was, DAVE BRIGGS.

BTW, His Area Code (510) is in the Bay Area !!


What He is doing is just plain wrong.. I demand HIM CAUGHT !. No comments

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