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This was the letter I sent to to the CEO and VP’s of Dave and Busters corporate office and was contacted by Teel Wilkinson on their behalf. My letter explaining what happened and gave them a chance to investigate and make things right with no avail : “I’m a recent former employee from your San Diego Mission Valley location and need your help. | There’s a major problem with your San Diego location: drugs, prostitution, theft and sexual harassment. Management is doing drugs and having sex with waitresses in the liquor rooms and manager offices and it’s been going on for awhile. It makes an unfair workplace when there’s a problem. | I recently moved back to San Diego last year to be with my mom through her final days fighting cancer. She’s buried just a few miles from the San Diego store so it was nice to be located close and make enough money to meet my bills. We do most of our store communication online and had seen a few coworkers saying horrible things about gays and transgenders and about how they don’t belong playing sports. | I commented saying they should be inclusive and not let people sit on the sidelines. The girls name was Carissa Ridgeway and she was obviously embarrassed and knew she had been wrong so feeling threatened she tagged girls in to take her side who were sleeping with management. | The San Diego management is on the same line so they were all notified when this went out. When Carissa Ridgeway did it again management wrote up over a dozen people for saying the worst things and had Sexual Harassment training the following week. | As these waitresses slept with management my checks were short every week from party money I was not paid(over $2,000) that I worked. The managers are obviously putting these waitresses names on these parties at the end of the night and giving them kickbacks for all the liquor room trysts. I was shorted $400 then $400 then $1200, I went to management and they said they would look into it but never did. | Moving on management then hired a transgender girl to be in dining and I thought it was great but all of a sudden management starts abusing me and cuts my hours and gives them to her…(if managers play these crappy games these 20 yr old girls sleep with them). Christmas is now coming up and they decide to let me go on a technicality on the 15th of December very heartlessly. | They gave me a blank pay card instead of my last check. I went right back and let them know so they could make it right and they said they would check into it. A week later they say I have no pay coming, I let him know I had documentation and I haven’t been payed yet. He then had payroll contact me by email saying they already payed me on a card(that I never got). | I finally figured out that payroll was confused because they were putting the funds on the card and didn’t realize San Diego management was purposely throwing the card away to be mean and putting a different card in its place. So as of this moment it’s been 3 weeks and I still haven’t received my check, please please please contact me and send me my last check. | If you send it to the San Diego location I won’t get it. The last blank pay card they sent me has paperwork with it so maybe you guys could take that number down and I already have the pay card in hand. California Law states after termination employer has 72 hours to pay the employee their last check or pays a full days wages plus commissions since the day of termination and for no more than 30 days. | I made party checks and my hourly so I make $150-$300+ per day so I averaged it at $200 x 30 days plus the check = $6,149.40. Also party money that was never payed that I earned = $2000. Since I’ve worked at Dave and Busters I’ve worked 5-6 days a week during busy times and every holiday with many double shifts never once getting a break. I wouldn’t mind but I was deducted time as if I took the break and wasn’t payed for time I worked. I figured one hour of pay per shift = $2250. The total of all money’s owed is $10,399.40 | PS: these girls maybe cruel but they’re still someone’s daughters and the moment they don’t get their way or the 40yr old manager won’t leave his wife or sleeps with another waitress you’ll have major lawsuits coming out of that store. They are manipulating young girls…no excuse for management… no class at all. Managers names involved with wrong doing is : Chris Suber, Jeff Hankla, Dan (cocktail manager) and the general manager Dennis.” | The reason there was confusion on the $149.40 was due to the lies that came from Dave and Busters management, they said they were putting me on a paid suspension and to go in on the 15th for the results but had terminated me immediately days before and paid me only 149.40 to attempt to save $50. | They only paid me two hours for each day instead if my scheduled shift and over $2000 that was stolen from me through the parties I worked and earned, also never allowed me to have breaks and denied me breaks when needing one. | If we adjust 149.40 from what should’ve been 199.40 they still owe me $49 on that check and the total of all monies owed to me from D&B is $10,250.40. This figure doesn’t include legal fees, loss of work to collect it, or any compensation for the abuse I endured from this company! $10,250.40 is for the hours and pay I was due and the California penalty for not paying me when they were suppose to only. | This company and the people mentioned should be ashamed of themselves and will be filing to take them to court and sending copies of this to the media. I also reached out to the Board of directors of the local LGBTQ community center that helps over 100,000 gay and transgenders in just the San Diego area to warn the community on Dave and Busters discriminative stance and how they handled this. | The reason I’m not mentioning just San Diego’s location and bringing this out as an entire chains problem is because I had the CEO and VP’s attorney tell me they weren’t going to do anything and I would have to take them to court if I wanted to receive the money they stole from me so at that moment it envolves the entire chain and the people at the top when they try to cover up Instead of doing the right thing.

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  1. Ione Puccetti
    June 16, 2020

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