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Dr. BLoodgood specializes in the resolution of:CHRONIC CONFLICT, COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS, LOSS OF LOVE, INFIDELITY, CRITICISM, CONTROL ISSUES and MANAGEMENT OF TROUBLESOME BEHAVIORS.Call and ask about 3 Session BASIC Couples Counseling….6 Session Comunication Skills Program(Couples learn–Listening, Empathy, Compromise, Mutual Respect, and gain an Understanding of each other’s Needs and Desires) Sex Therapy for Couples and Individuals:Including treatment relating to Desire, Response, Porn/Cyber Sex Addiction, and Gender IssuesI trust the inherent strength and problem solving abilities of my patients. With increased awareness and understanding–new perspectives–most people will immediately begin to resolve their problems. The goal of my practice is help you create a relationship that embodies the peace, love, satisfaction and security you long for. ..I am available from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening several days each week. Some major private insurances are accomodated in this office. DISCOUNTED RATES ARE AVAILABLE TO MILITARY PERSONEL AND THEIR SPOUSES (INCLUDING VETERANS) AND FIRST RESPONDERS WHO ARE UNINSURED.

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