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Hear me out, I have been in the mining industrie for quite awhile. I own a mine with some partners in Wisconsin | however the Frac Sand supply world is very small everyone knows everyone. David Bravo, Mark Sylla fat boy Gerald claim they have mines and claim they have the complete supply of Wisconsin White Sands however they don’t just ask BOB over there. | They go around talking bad about Nexus Energy and other companies just so they get the leg up in the sand business and make it harder for the rest of us to engage is sales or get loans or investors for our business. | Davids never closed a sand deal im so sick of him causing problems with me and my partners. | Mark Sylla, if you just Google his name you will see hes been involved in sevral litigations he had US Bank forclose on him for well over 1.2 million dollars. Mark has a back ground as a landscaper and farmer he dose not understand the sand business or how to mine or supply to the oil companies. Check my contacts over the last five years and our bank accounts we made money. I bet you anything they never made a dime. Just becarful when dealing with these guys mainly Mark Sylla I know some of the same people in wisconsin that he knows and I can put you in contact with them, everyone says Mark lies hes a crazy b****** he thinks he is the God of Frac Sand Mines but he does not even have one up and running. | David Bravo I just know he causes problems for me and my partners by talking trash, everyone I have ever talked to say he can close a deal, just ask anyone in the business. They have this fat sales guy who works with them I think he is from South Texas I heard from Gene Spears he can’t close any deals either. Plus I talked to BOB and Wisconsin White Sands about Mark Sylla, and he says they will never sale to Mark because they are in the middle of legal court with him. | Feel free to contact me by my cell or Email or just ask around about these clowns.

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