Davinci Green

Davinci Green

We hired him & regretted it ever after. We’ve met 8 people who worked for him; none stayed long or could honestly speak well of him. Once he gets a doc signed, he’ll to get a deposit & then you’ll spend as long as you want clamoring to get anything done, or done well. That’s not just our experience. We’ve now heard it many, many times over. I DETEST writing negative reviews about items, far, far more about people. However, this isn’t against him, it’s FOR anyone who’s considering doing business with him. | We hired him in June 2010. After the same trips to Floor & Decor (Really, a retail shop???) & Azurca (so?) granite, we were concerned if he had any open business line of credit/ good-standing accounts receivable, because we had to pay for all materials, up front. Every other contractor has had us pay them, not the granite / tile shop, directly. It’s been a while, so my memory is accurate, but spotty. I can say he can’t handle change very well; he can’t admit he’s made a mistake without it (really, in the end) not being his fault. I feel bad for Tristan that he’s so angry, has to yell & cuss, fake falls down 1 step in your home with this “I could sue you now” pseudo smile on his face, avoid your calls when contractors never show, etc. But, he’s a grown man & since he says he’s never used a hammer, perhaps he shouldn’t be a general contractor! Just find someone else. Save him & yourself the risk of a heart attack. When he gets angry enough, I truly think he would hire someone to cause personal or property damage. That’s my opinion. Haven’t seen it, but can see it happening (that’s why all I’m writing is a bit vague!).

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