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I am a former business partner and more importantly, former friend, of the owners of this business and my parents are from Afghanistan. The two owners, Steven Mckiddy and Kathleen Frederick, convinced my back in 2012 to get a used car dealer’s license in my name and give them $25,000.00 cash to start a business “partnership.” After three years, they were able to get a dealer’s license themselves and therefore did not have any need for me anymore. | In March of 2016, I was, for all intents and purpsoes, ousted from the very profitable company. At the time, according to IRS tax records, I had a 70 percent ownership in the business. Depsite that, I was only given a few thousand dollabrs above my initial investment. I had no intent to interfere with the continuined business practice of Steve McKiddy or his alleged wife Kathleen Frederick. I went about my way and tried to start my owner small used car dealership. | About two months into establishling my business, I started receiving prank phone calls from people who were interested in the cars I had for sale. At first, I tihought nothing of it. However, as time went by, I realized the same person was calling me as a prank and his voice was very familiarl. I was able to determine the person was Steve McKiddy”s son and employee, Zack McKiddy. | I contacted Steve McKiddy and told him that these phoen calls needed to stop. He assured me his son had nothing to do with it. However, the matter got even worse. About one month ago, I started receiving texts from someone who was interested in a car I was selling. After numrous texts, this person, whom later was determined to be either Steve McKiddy or his son, Zack McKiddy sent the following text to me: | “Listen I did some reasearch on your company and fond (sic) out you a very fradulent (sic) person and that your Muslim and hopefully trump kicks you out of the country you f**king sand n****r..stop trying to scam innocent people f**k face, and your reviews are all fake . . but not the ones of you trying to be a lawyer . . . Sorry I cant do business with felons . . . have anice day sucking your bulldogs off while your wife is at work.” | A couple of weeks later, after I reported this conduct to all appropriate agencies, Kathleen Frederick (Steve’s alleged wife) was seend driving past my house back and forth. I went outside and confronted her and she attempted to bribe me saying “what can we do to fix all of this.” | These people should not have the luxury of making racist comments and belittling others and continuing to rip people off of their hard earned money.

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