Racial Profiling and with holding commission to do back ground checks, | and requiring proof of identiy, by providing a state Driver License, and proof of residency. | I made a sale for the Everwebinar for $497 who is the primary program for their | Affiliate program DealGuardian. After 30 days Funds are held in your Reserve Balance before they’re transferred to your Withdraw balance, from where you can finally cash them out. This reserve waiting period is equal to the product refund period plus 5 days. | Alternatively, you may bypass the reserve waiting and get paid instantly to your PayPal account by activating PayPal Adaptive Payments at your payment profile page. | This reserve waiting period is equal to the product refund period plus 5 days. | I had asked them How long is the product reserve period that I can transfer the funds? | I had a supervisor by the name of Kristin explain to me “The refund period for EverWebinar, is 30 days. So, 30 days + 5 days for the funds to hit your reserve. Then you can withdraw that money.” | After the 30 waiting period, I had contacted support with a question about this | “Reserve-to-Withdraw transfer queue” | Hi, about the “Reserve-to-Withdraw transfer queue ” | I had requested immediate payment based on the the above transfer queue. | Why am I not seeing the funds in my Paypal account? | Her reply. | “Unfortunately, your Paypal Adaptive payment application is still under review. | Here’s a screen shout…(she provided me with a screen shout) | Any transaction made via Paypal AFTER your application has been approved, will | be paid to you automatically. On September 26, 2016 you will have your funds | available to withdraw from your wallet. | I hope this helps. If you need anything else, please let us know. | All the best, | Kristin | I sent her this question: | Hi, I understand, however that’s not immediately, when I go to Paypal | I am still waiting the normal waiting period of about 4 to 5 days, so really you should | just tell your affiliates that just to wait 5 days and not this other stuff i.e | . | ” Alternatively, you may bypass the reserve waiting and get paid instantly to your PayPal account by activating PayPal Adaptive Payments at your payment profile page” | Still when you say it will be available on the 26th that’s not correct because I am still | going to have to wait another few days for the funds to be received from Paypal? | Anyway When companies say 30 day money back gaurantee it’s just that 30 days and nothing else? Or I am looking for my funds to be on the way and not in some holding bank system for review., or otherwise. | Now after the threst hold of the waiting period is over I am expecting the funds to be | released to my Paypal like it was explained to me. | Support contacted me with this explanation: | “You have made one sale on August 22, 2016. Therefore, you have not been able to see the results of any Paypal Adaptive Payments hit your withdraw, since I have just approved your application yesterday, September 22, 2016. | You must wait until the refund period is up to received your funds inside your withdraw. The extra 5 days is a protection grace period, in case someone refunds their purchase.” | At this point I feel something is not right and I contact support to find out when | can I expect the funds to be in my Paypal account. | This is the the message I sent to support: | “Hi Kristin, so it shall be in the withdrawer on the 27th. and then there is another | waiting period, just not right to hold someone money for 35 plus days, I have been on line for 15 years and the major affiliate platforms are 30 days that’s the industry | standards, not the complication you guys are implementing. | I would not be writing you here again if your terms were very clear. I personally enrolled the person who purchased the webernar software and he loves it, not planning on asking for a refund. | Anyway you have a nice day… | DealGuardian | 26-Sep-2016 15:45:46 | Hello again, | I do understand the frustration. I’m very sorry. On September 26, 2016 you will have funds USD available to withdraw from your wallet. | If I can help with anything else, please let me know. | Have a great week! | All the best, | Kristin | DealGuardian Support | At this point I have waited well after the waiting threst hold of 2 to 7 days. | Now support contact me to ask me to provide them with my state license and proof of residency,and then we will release the funds. | I did that and they approved and said they will speed up the process to release funds and to this day Oct 7 I have not received any funds, and to this day Oct 7th I have not received no money at all . | All I get is sorry and apologies and still no money.

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