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All individuals and families go through periods of intense difficulty. …Sadness, Anxious, Painful and Conflict are words I have used when describing these times. It is important to know that life can get better and we are committed to walking with you to the other side. Many find relief from PTSD, anxiety/ stress, depression, and sexual abuse through our processes. These processes may include “ART” a new eye movement therapy…. Our counseling/coaching team does not just work to repair your marriage; we work to restore it… Our goal is to get to the heart of issues causing your discomfort.We are goal related and solution focused to help you achieve some relief while we continue to tackle those areas of emotional injury that cause you and your loved ones difficulty. We then help you move forward through goal focused steps to find the wholeness and restoration you deserve.Ronnie and Debbie serve as a counseling/coaching team to work with couples, marriages and premarital counseling. We have extensive experience with Parent/Adolescent issues. We care personally for you and your family. Our work is based in Christian principles and sound therapy practice. Please check out our website!

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