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I have been having problems of my trash not being picked up. I do not have anything in my trash that will harm or physically hurt the workers. Nothing in the way to block my trash can from being picked up. This has happed to me for the last two months 2015 October and September. When I call the costumer service and speak of my issues they do’nt seem to care. But they want deduct the cost from the times they did not do their jobs. THis county should be called crimedotte county in stead of wyandotte county kansas “THEY ARE STRAIGHT UP SCAMMERS! | This county called Wyandotte county should be called crimedotte county it is ran by crooks. We are fource to pay for trash to be picked up weekly, my issues is that my trash seems to be overlooked once a month. I do not have over three grocery bags of trash and nothing is in my trash can that will cause physical harm to the crew on the trucks. When I call ed them last month september 2015 of my trash not being picked I was promised by the customer service person that some one was coming bac to get in. My trash can was never emptied during the entire week. No they never make an adjustment in the cost either. This is a ripoff and scam!

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