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Purchase date: 17/11/2018 – Macro Vaal Invoice Ref No: [protected] AC Split unit – AH12H3 My Phone number: [protected] The unit was bought from Macro vaal. I am qualified electrician and due to my experience and practical experience on electrical systems, repair and installation of air conditioning units including ammonia systems I felt confident to install the unit by myself. After installation the unit was running perfect with no problems at all. Ten minutes later the unit shut down and everything was dead. The display only indicate 88. This error code do not exist. After faultfinding I could pinpoint that the control PC Board is faulty. I logged a complaint by defy. REF No: 1003995. The very first question they asked if I have installed the unit. Fair enough, but this has nothing to do with a faulty control PC Board. After numerous phone calls I agreed that defy must send their authorized installer to come and do inspection on the installation of the unit as well as if their is any issues done wrong with the installation and what could be the problem with the installation if any and the unit. Servisure was send out. I paid R 400 (invoice no 12814) for them to come and do inspection and to also do fault finding. They confirmed that their was nothing wrong with the installation and everything was done to the book. They also confirmed that the control PC Board is faulty. This left me with a problem. No one is willing to help. Numerous phone calls to defy, all they have in mind is that I installed the unit and this is their escape door. There is basically nothing I can do wrong to damage the control board. The unit come standard with a 3 point plug wired in. I wonder who must do the electrical installation for the plug point ? All I want is for Defy to send me replacement Control PC board and I will install it by myself. Thank You

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    June 17, 2020
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    June 15, 2020
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