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Welcome! Are you seeking effective and long lasting help for successful living? Better Coping Now is a results-oriented, specialized psychotherapy & counseling practice for women, couples, & children. I exclusively work with those who are highly motivated & invested in their wellbeing. I am professionally qualified to offer insights and tools as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor awarded both a Master’s Degree & Education Specialist Degree in Mental Health Counseling. During our time together, we will discover your goals & determine the most effective approach for your successful life. Expect the process to be uniquely compassionate and motivating!Learn about my areas of focus to learn powerful strategies, effective coping skills, & gain vital insights to clarify and simplify your life. This is a specialty practice with focus on women’s issues of Anxiety including OCD, social phobia, and panic; Partner/Relationship Issues; Adjustment to life circumstances; Self-sabotage; Depression & Hopelessness; and Healing from trauma.I counsel from an empowering perspective creating a safe and positive environment fostering self-awareness, personal development, competency, strength, and character. If you are eager to take action, contact Better Coping Now and experience the therapeutic process with a reputable, competent, highly qualified professional.

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