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I am positively laughing at these other reviews, because I know exactly who posted them. Begrudging former employee’s who were both lazy and socially inept. Let me be real with you, some kids come up to Alaska, their first time leaving mommy and daddies house, never having held down a real job before, and below is the result. I worked for and lived at the Denali Gift Company housing for 3 summers, and they were some of the best of my life. Firstly, yes, this is a BUSINESS, so yes, you are expected to work when scheduled – That gets translates by the CHILDREN who come up into *Waaaaa I can’t sit on my phone or talk all day while everyone else works, discrimination* I’m sure we’ve all worked with a few like this. No the owner does not discriminate against you based on looks, he ain’t much of a looker himself, he’s an old man with a grumpy exterior but a heart of gold (we all know one) who offers one of the best experiences to young people that I have come across, if you don’t treat the opportunity he gives you like a summer vacation or his businesses like a spa where you can relax all day and collect a check, he will go out of his way to do right by you and give you any opportunities he can. Unfortunately Kevin and Linda have to deal with a lot of screwups that get really vindictive when they get fired for something well deserved (one of the kids below stole food and items from the store to get fired, and would eat the candy we sell on the clock on camera without paying for it for example) so they have learned to kind of be reserved and careful. There are three Gift Shops, run by Garret the GM, and Martin and Em, the managers, that are extremely well set up for a retail environment in this isolated of a place, the first (Canyon) is very large, a few thousand sq feet of every T-Shirt, hoodie, trinket, etc that you could imagine that relates to Alaska, the next two are much smaller, a few hundred sq feet, all located on business strip at the park entrance nicknamed *Glitter Gulch*, situated at the base of Mt.Healy and a beautiful canyon and river, it’s one of the most majestic places you’ll ever travel in your life. The early season is really busy as the full season’s merchandise comes in by truck delivery and the whole team helps to set it up in the warehouse, then everything calms down into the day to day retail environment where you’re just cleaning up and putting out items etc. You get to meet and interact with people from all over the country and earth which is pretty cool, and the majority of the employee’s who get hired will end up being your friends for life (there are normally only one or two bad apples in the bunch each year out of 20-25 people). The housing area, especially since Jeff the new camp manager and maintenance man took over, is AWESOME, we call it "Shanty Town" because of the cabins all situated together in a rustic little town set up, you’ll get your own cabin to share with a roommate, they are situated in the forest of the Alaskan wilderness about 10 min from where you work. Firstly there is a trash truck, a large orange open roof trailer with ten foot high walls and doors and a garage overhanging it that acts as the dumpster for the town which Jeff dumps whenever it is half full, so any nonsense about trash blowing around town is pure fantasy, its better than many of the trash pickups I’ve had at many of my apartment buildings. Next the main house where everyone cooks and socializes is well kept and a cleaning rotation of everyone in camp happens regularly and is watched by Jeff, so it is never dirty or trashed more than a day before Jeff takes care of it. As to the "mouse droppings" we didn’t have any issues the first two years I was there, and then the third year, this same kid who steals and eats candy, leaves unwrapped food out in the house no matter how many times he was asked, and dirty dishes out, so we did get two mice, Jeff set up traps and had them gone within the week, we live in the forest in Alaska so idk what this kid expected. The town will give you some of the best memories of your life as you drink and hangout and adventure in the park and surrounding areas with some of the best friends you will ever meet. The Park itself is indescribable, vast untouched beauty and mountains and lakes and rivers filled with Caribou and Moose and Bears with endless hiking and beauty for you to see and experience, it touched my soul in ways I will carry with me till I die. Then there are numerous local festivals like "Augtober Fest" that take place throughout the season that are an absolute blast. The local brewery for late night adventures with friends is where they hold all the festivals, and Rose’s Cafe is the BEST BREAKFAST YOU WILL EVER EAT, especially after a night out. All in all, between the people, and the area you get to explore for a season, this will be one of the best experiences of your life!

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  1. Christeen Tarpy
    June 16, 2020

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