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when it was finally time to get fitted for my dentures, i went got fitted, wax fit was ok, had to wait 2 weeks or maybe it was 3 to get them back. got them back DIDNT FIT, had to realign wait another 2 wks, when i finnally got them for good, it felt like my front teeth stuck out like a horses front teeth(buck teeth) and that my jaw was jacked open. But they told me i would have to get used to wearing them, so i figured i would give them a try and maybe it was just me. How ever I had gotten them at the end of October 2015(i believe it was at the end of October but i know it was before Thanksgiving, anyhow they told me to eat soft foods to start with and to read out loud to myself every night to get used to them, how ever I knew there was a problem with them when i couldn’t even eat mashed potatoes with them, barely even pudding, when i told them they just said you have to get used to them it will take alot of time. WELL here it is January 21 2016 and I never could eat with them or talk right for that matter with them!! I want my money back!!! and i got a whole new set from AFFORADABLE DENTURE!!! and they are awesome!! got them today and guess what I CAN EAT MASHED POTATOES WITH THEM!!!

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