Department of Children & Family Services

Department of Children & Family Services Review

HERE WE GO AGAIN….AND I’M SURE I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE….DCFS has filed false reports with the court claiming that I as a single mother of my six year old daughter have filed reports against her dad Michael Newman. Can you beleive I went to them for assistance and the second report was filed by a mandatory reporter and they turned both claims against me and said I told my daughter to say her father abused her……for real … this America or another country where women, let alone single women do not have rights. Is this America some people including these women who have risen above the minority backlash into good positions in corporate America and then turn against their own kind for continued power and money! Well this appears to be a sad reality in America….minorities will stump on their own race to break free from their past. Yet these same men and women will cry fowl when the police mistreats their kids and file as a minority to get benefits from the government like a good college education. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of opportunity…just look back and remind yourself where you came from. | Not to get off the subject, but this crook named Erica Terozoli, Social Worker received false reports and came to my house and requested I sign a blank form for her to complete at a later date. Wow….does she really beleive that I could easily allow her to continue the quest that she was taking to destroy my credibility….Wake up America,…. we don’t need these people working for DCFS and I am calling for an investigation into her actions. The supervisor JoAnn Smalls remained quiet when I told her that I was not comfortable taking to this lady after she arrived and starting asking questions about me disciplining my child instead of asking about my daughter’s accusations (I am indeed aware that there were to be proven as valid or invalid) and then asked to sign at the bottom of a paper noting it was for medical authorization. When I asked to see the remaining paperwork I actually found a form showing a true medical authorization so what game was Erica trying to pull…..Has anyone else experienced this or any other crazy incident upon visitation by DCFS? | Now, Erica left the house appearing to be on a mission to report that she failed at obtaining information from me but knowing that I requested information on procedures after this second visit (the first from another incident report) appear to greatly differ from the first one. She stated that each Social Worker performs the investigation in a different manner. Sure, I really believed that ….things just really smelled like a rat entered my home to snuff out issues on someone else’s behalf. Anyway, that’s my opinion. I told her I would come into the office to discuss the procedures with a supervisor but when I talk with Mrs. Smalls she mainly sat across the table with her arms folded across her chest with a look on her face as to say “Why did you interrupt my day for this crap?” She did say that these events were called referrals and a little more….but just getting that much out of her was worth something. At some point she blurted out “Well you know the court is giving men more time like 50% of visitation to their children now” and then I said thats really great if some of them were really interested in the kid..and not just to lower support as in this case with Michael Newman. So one more thing I learned with DCFS is that they actually had Michael bring my daughter into the office when I filed the first report stating that I beleived she was possibly being drugged in his mother’s care and control due to ‘s response and lifeless body later on the same evening of my pickup from her dad.. Does that sound or appear to be proper? | O.K. where is this complaint going… is a lead to the real horror story that became real yesterday. After Aja Mann failed to convince the judge (after giving me notice of hearing in less than 2 days) that my daughter was in danger if left in my care, she worked with Erica Trevosoli in moving in a different direction. If they could not get this judge to accomplish the taking of Mikalah they took a different route and filed a report through the Childrens Court in Monterey Park, a different venue and jurisdiction. Then they came and transferred my daughter to the care of her father Michael Newman, the same person who said he did not want to see her after I filed child support. Fraud, fraud, fraud…..the trail of lies really stinks…. so they gave me once again short notice for the next hearing so I can fight to get some help at the last minute to save my daughter from this nightmare. | Does anyone feel like me that children have become property of the state through DCFS like prisoners are state property in exchange for money from corporations or special interest groups? | Please email me or respond to this report if you are interested in joining the class action lawsuit I will file in the next 5 days against DCFS (DCFS class action). I BELIEVE WE HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER ON RELIEVING OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILY FROM THE SYSTEM OF SOCIAL WORKERS WHO AIM TO NOT FULLY INVESTIGATE REPORTS MADE BY PARENTS (NOT JUST SINGLE MOTHERS) AND THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW PROCEDURES WHICH INCLUDES OFFERING SERVICES TO IMPROVE THE ACCUSED/VICTIM’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR KID(S) AND OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS. | As a Journalist stated this week, jails have become a system of slavery as with children being detained by DCFS. | I would like to also know who is interested obtaining key legislature to promote a better system and supervision of DCFS.

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