I created a contest on their website for a logo. The contest was a guaranteed 100% moneyback if a winner is not chosen. | Here is how the terms read on their site “What happens if I don’t like any of the designs? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee! No questions asked!” | My contest ended and I only had a few designers submit logo’s, unfortunatly I did not accept any of the designs, I did not accept a winner. I emailed and followed their guidelines for a refund and did not get a response. I emailed again with no response. I waited a few days and called and somebody on a bad connection in India, I’m guessing, said they would resolve it. As of todays date, I have not been contacted or given a refund. | They eventually sent me a docusign document demanding that I would pay them “no less than $50,000” (that exact language is in this document) if I or anybody associated with me violated any condition. ? They did not list the conditions that would make me pay the money, whoever wrote the document certainly was not a legal professional as it made no sense. | I crossed out the $50,000 dollar part and signed their ridiculas document and sent them an email stating that I would be liable for the cost of the contest, or something resonable but not $50,000. And let me be clear I have NO intentions of using anything the designers created but it would be stupid to sign such an inflated amount of damages with no clear terms. | They refuse to refund so I warned them that I would dispute with my bank and let the world know that they have not honored their refund promise. | Remember their website advertises “We offer a 100% money-back guarantee! No questions asked!” then they ask you to sign a document that only a fool would sign. | My advice. Do not do business with this company.

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iPhoneIMEI Complaint

Dear sir, Regarding Purchasing iPhone through Incident date – 29/03/2018 Client no – Payment not received

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Bought Goodman never again 2 burnt blower motors and now a defective evaporator coil and on top of that my installer said it’s all

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Aiken County Public School Districts are worst, when it comes to racism, mistreating minority teachers & students, constant job

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All these baba, molvi and tantriks are fake and money extracting machine. I”m from Bangladesh, till now I”ve paid almost 20

They are a scam, they are not doing what they advertise, they are stating they are an affiliate of but Amazon, says they are,

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A year and a half of Hell. We wanted out of our contract early on because our service was inconsistent. Then we swtiched our phone service