I needed to order a supplement so I did a Google search for the specific one I needed. I was trying to find the cheapest price so I really wasn’t paying attention to which company I was ordering from. I placed my order on the 3rd of April and received an order confirmation immediately. Everything seemed legit. My order was with free economy shipping, which seems to usually take about a week. Today I realized 9 days had passed and I still hadn’t received my order. I decided to send an email and inquire when I should expect delivery. I looked at the confirmation email and realized there was no company name listed and that I was unable to reply directly to the email. I wasn’t sure who the company was so I looked up the product on Google and tried to figure it out by who sold the product for the same price I paid. There were only a couple. I contacted both of them. Neither were the company I ordered from unfortunately. I then went to my bank website to see if the payment went through, which it had. A company name of DE Vitamins was listed on the transaction with a phone number. I have absolutely no recollection of the name DE Vitamins and I kind of think they might be selling under other names also. Anyway, I did a Google search for DE Vitamins…..nothing. I called the number provided by my bank….it went to an answering machine at a private number. I then did a search of the number and found this website and discovered the complaints about others being scammed also. My bank has issued a dispute into the transaction and will be crediting the amount of purchase into my account after the dispute has been concluded. It isn’t a lot of money, but that isn’t the point. This “company” is scamming people and stealing their money. Not to mention the fact that my daughter needed those supplements before now and I don’t have them. I have to reorder from someone else and wait a few more days for delivery. Do NOT order from this company. I wish I could tell you what other name(s) they are using, but I just don’t remember the name of the website I made the purchase from. I’m sure it wasn’t DE Vitamins. According to the bank charge though, they were the ones my payment went to. Beware!. I demand I would like them to personally reimburse me, but I have no way of contacting them.. Stay away

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they said they would have something delivered in a certain amount of days and never did but just took my money off my card and i do not

Chintaless Nagrik

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