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I believe that at some point in life most everyone encounters roadblocks of various types that hinder their forward movement and ability to enjoy life and relationships. When those times come, we need someone to walk along side of us with care and compassion, and help us overcome the obstacles that have us stuck. My approach to counseling is based on a warm relational style and is grace oriented. Just as our wounds and the places we get stuck arise out of relationship, our healing, freedom and growth are fostered in healthy, caring, and grace-oriented relationships.I enjoy working with adults, couples and groups. My specialties are trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety and depression, and Identity and Gender issues. I have years of state-side and cross-cultural ministry experience and enjoy working with those in ministry leadership, and debriefing missionaries. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). EMDR is highly effective with trauma, anxiety and depression, addictions, anxiety around serious illness and chronic pain.

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