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Dick Smith Electronics Complaint

At dick smiths Christchurch northlands I bought a printer & took it home to open it finding hairline cracks around casing, aha i thought earth quake damaged stock as the box was covered in quake dust as well i discovered after paying for it carrying to car left dust all over my clothing., & box was not quite primo ! so I took it back to northlands dicksmith store in Christchurch, where the young gal took the printer from the box towards service desk where it fell through her fingers & dropped to the bench with its full weight crashing all the lids open!! so the store manager was out walkies from shop when this happened but the other sales guy who sold me the printer was there busy with another customer so I waited around 20 mins for him & he denied it was dropped & said she placed it there! I asked him to check his security footage as proof, he didn’t flinch to say later, Also the sales guy lied to his manager saying the girl placed it there. and offered a second hand display printer as exchange. I refused this offer as i paid for a new item in a box. I insisted on a replacement new one or refund or return credit . In my frustration I left the store & the receipt with the printer there, but they refuse to see their way clear, A simple purchase for a new item & now I don’t have it also the cost I’m down for paying for it ! they have my money.

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