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This is quite the ridiculous story. If you reading this because you are wondering if you should do business with Boyan, or trust him in any way, dont. The only things you can trust about Boyan is in his own self-interests. You can trust he will steal from you, you can trust he will lie to you, and you can trust he will always be trying to screw you over if he can get away with it. | If you are reading this because he also screwed you over, and you want to see if he is screwing others over then I would like to connect with you. I am organizing an investigation with the Salt Lake City Attorney General and I would like to include as many others as possible. | I’m going to keep a very long story short as I can. Its very likely I am going to publish this in its entirety in a blog format given the depth and length. If you want to know more before I get to that, by all means, contact me. | The short of it | Boyan Josic, aka Emmanual Boyan Josic, pulled blatant wire fraud and stole 10 grand from me and gambled it in Vegas. He contacted me June 27, 2017 on gmail chat. I’ve known Boyan for over a decade at this point. We are not close, but I thought we were friends. I did some search engine optimization for him back in 2004-6. I did have a reason to suspect he was a thief and a lier. | He said he had just had some identity theft and it really threw a wrench in what he was up to. He said he was in a tournament and couldn’t deal with the needs of the bank and continue what he was doing. So if I was to send him $1500, he would send me $2000. I’ve been known to help friends out with money plenty so this wasn’t too unusual. He sent paypal of $1000 from a “business partners” paypal. The rest was being sent from another account. | The next day I get a paypal dispute for the 1k. I hit up Boyan, he said he would pay me via transfer. He asked if I could send him 3500 more ($5K total) he would send me $10,000. That he had plenty of money in his international account. This was pretty ridiculous but I knew he had money so I was not that concerned. I said he needed to provide me with transaction details and I would proceed. He did, so I sent the money because I had a screenshot of the wire that was sent to me. | The next day he hit me up again and said he needed more money I told him he had to send me the money first. Again, he sent money, so I sent money. | I found out 2 days later he canceled all the transactions to me. He got the money I sent him, then canceled the money he sent to me. Blatant thief and scammer. | I have tried and tried and tried to work with him. From June 27, 2017, to now he has fed me lie after lie after lie. He then admitted to having the money the entire time but wasn’t going to pay in an ignorant email. Months later of fighting its come down to the pursuit of justice. So here I am, filling out rip off reports. If you are reading this and would like to get invovled in bringing Boyan to justice, please comment below and lets get in touch. If you are reading this wondering what kind of person Boyan is, he is the type to steal from a friend to feed his gambling addiction, then f**k that friend over. So dont do any business with him.

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