Diplomat Armored Rentals

Diplomat Armored Rentals

On information and belief the company that operates as Diplomat Armored Rentals engages in dishonest business practices and fraudelent advertising. This information is based on an investigation after they represent that they have vehicles in over 30 countries and and over 300 cars available. They also represent that they have used and new armored vehicles for sale. They do not own anything. An example of this fraud as of time of this report, they advertise a “Presidential Cadillac Escalade for Sale”. Christopher Charles Hill represented himself at the CEO and owner of Diplomat Armored Rentals and engaged in negotiaions for the purchase of vehicle so advertised on their website. During negotiations he also misreprepresented the year of the vehicle, mileage of the vehicle and the year it it was uparmored. This was discovered after physical inspection and also CAR FAX report, but before he requested an immediate deposit due to the other interested parties. Based upon these representations he agreed to hold the vehicle if a deposit was made, and further offered that if we purchased the vehicle it was scheduled for a future rental. Needing the vehicle for a client we wired transferred a deposit of 4500.00 and a subseuqent fee of 450.00 for a shipping hold. We predicated this deal upon an in person inspection at which time he guaranteed the return of the deposit if we should change our mind. The vehicle was inspected and after obtaining the CAR fax report declined to continue to purchase the vehicle. Christopher Charles Hill thru email correspondance personnaly guarenteed the return of the deposit. As of this date and repeated promises of payment, our deposit has not been returned. Our investigation is that this an unlicensed business and further that pending suits exist in California for similar forms of non-payment exist.

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