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I found an ad on kijji for a used motor. I contacted Sam and after speaking to him on the phone he presented himself to be an honest and honourable business man. I paid for the the used motor that he said had 31 thousand kilometres on it. | Upon receiving the motor at our mechanics shop on October 31, 2019 the motor was not as presented and had numerous issues. Our mechanic advised us it was not a good engine upon calling Sam he was very arguementive and accused our mechanic of sabatoging the motor which was not the case. | In the days following this Sam and his staff refused to take our calls and I suspect had them flagged as I had my brother phone there and they were more than happy to try and get a sale out of him and returned his calls. | Luckily we have protection on our credit card that was used to pay for this motor and they reversed the charges as of now. I would never recommend this company Direct Auto Parts as you will have to fight to get your hard earned money back and these guys send you basically a piece of junk and the warranty is non existent. | Stay away from these sharks and avoid them at all costs there ads are on kijji and eBay through western Canada

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