Was supposedly approved for an $480 dollar loan August 12th. I received a confirmation email, stating to log in but the website, mysteriously is shut down for some reason. The loan was suppose to be within 24 hours, nothing. Called, waited on hold for 20-30 min finally a rep explained to me that i should be receiving the loan today august 13th 2013. I called again today, held for another 20 minutes, spoke to another rep, who said they are not processing ACH transfers at this time. The rep gave me a customer relation number which i again held for extremely long time, just to get a answering machine stating to leave a message.Company claims to be an offshore call center for a US company, located in Costa Rica.. I demand Want my information deleted from there data bases.. I don’t recommend them

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Best Buy Imports , Oscar, Harold, Brian , Tom the boss

Best Buy Imports , Oscar, Harold, Brian , Tom the boss Oscar, Harold, Brian, Tom i was scammed for $2700 and ilegal repo saying i didnt

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A family member had a metal roof replacement on their home. They didn’t complete the job and was called back out. (took them a while