Discounted Wheel Warehouse

Discounted Wheel Warehouse Review

I bought tires and wheels from DWW for my vehicle. The wheels looked good and arrived in a timely manner, HOWEVER none of the wheels fit my vehicle. The center bore was 1/4″ too small on all 4 wheels and the bolthole pattern was wrong on at least one. I took measurements and photos and provided them and a drawing to Dan, the Customer Service Sup. He said he needed to perform his due diligence and verify they were wrong. I am a Mech E and machinist so I am confident my measurements are correct. He promised to call back several times but never did. I gave DWW every chance to correct their mistake, yet they did nothing. Luckily, the credit card I used investigated the dispute and returned my money. But I will never do business with DWW again, and urge no one else to.

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