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I have been on time with my payments to Discover CC. I have requested numerous times if my APR can be lowered since I am a good customer, and I ALWAYS hear “we are unable to lower your APR at this time.” The reason being?! Who knows?! It isn’t because I pay late, because I don’t. I haven’t missed a payment. | They keep it high because they can. I haven’t used this CC since the beginning of the year. How are we supposed to be able to pay off balances when the APR charge is nearly as much as your monthly payment, which is over $200 a month?! | My monthly payment has been around $224, and the total in interest fees they take is approx $168!! I’m shelling out to these people over $200 a month and only a quarter of that…$56… is even touching my balance. All I’m asking is for a lower APR so my family has a chance to pay this debt off as I’m making faithful payments monthly. I think this is thievery and it should be stopped. | I am not seeking to get out of paying, I’m seeking a lower APR so I can actually pay them the debt I’ve created.

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  1. Abram Prosser
    June 17, 2020
  2. Johnette Bonjorno
    June 17, 2020

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