Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services

They are TERRIBLE. The customer service is amazingly incompetent and won’t do THEIR job. My card was hacked last week by someone who wasn’t me. They issued me a new card. Took them forever to transfer my information and my transactions over to the new account number. On a completely different transaction, I returned an item back to B&H Photo for $59.95, and B&H Photo refunded my credit for $50.16 back to my card with the old account number. Discovercard REFUSES to fix it and TRANSFER THAT CREDIT TO MY NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER! IT IS *THEIR* JOB!!! They refuse to do it. Either they can’t do their job required of them to fix, or they WON’T. I’ve contacted the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, the Illinois Attorney General, and my attorney… | This is totally UNACCEPTABLE. I should NOT be getting the runaround from customer service! They just refuse to do what is THEIR JOB! Instead, they give me some bogus phone number for “FRAUD” when it’s NOT EVEN THE PROBLEM I HAVE WITH THIS ONE TRANSACTION! I just want my credit of $50.16 transferred (moved over) to my new account number, so that I can use it and then GET RID OF DISCOVER! THEY ARE A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that ONLY CARES ABOUT LINING THEIR OWN POCKETS THAN HELPING THE CUSTOMER!!!!

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  1. Lorri Hopman
    June 16, 2020

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