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I heard about DTI from a solicitation I recieved from another company I work with as a possible compliment to my exsisting 2 services I am using. I recieved over 15 emails from this company requesting various ideas from the best 3 equities to own to option workshops. I also recieved invitations to listen in on webinars and was invited to the global 365 investment wealth workshop thru them. However, I have been a licensed registered rep and began looking at trading as a business and finally signed up for the mickey mantle special which normally went for 4500 not worth a penny but, got 7 months for 787!! | It was a complete disaster !! ( See other postings about him selling constantly other services in 2 days of listening he suggested 3 others totalling 6k) I was like this guy is incredible!! He has lost me money and actually thinks I am going to believe he had 12 winners before having 2 losers. I knew his results were not verified but, I bet he would mistate them as well. | Tom Busby claimed to have 10 or 12 winners and an accuracy rate of 80 percent. No way he is full of lies and ripping people off. I spoke with him personally and after this discussion I knew this was a very conceeded man who only is concerned about selling subscriptions. He bragged about losing money on 100 options contracts instead of my small 10. !! This is no way to speak to anyone. | I am also very sorry to say he attended the university I went to school. I would not buy his books, sign up for anything and I do mean anything this man is peddling. If you truly want to save yourself an ” upsell” DONT BOTHER with DTI. I sincerely, hope to recieve my subscription fee back. Lastly, there are several on line brokers, who can help individuals learn. TD Ameritrade, Charles Scwhab. Papertrade first before going live!! Happy trading.

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