Divinity Prophet

Divinity Prophet

Very suspect company. Do not apply! Do not interview! Do not waste your time! This company supposedly offers foster care for young adults, but in actuality, the owner of the company, Hope Ricks, posts ads to solicit case mangement positions and upon you submitting your resume, the owner calls you for a rush interview and demands that you need to make adjustments in your schedule right away, otherwise the position might be filled by the next business day. Let’s get one thing straight, you do not need a degree to do case management. You simply need a high school diploma. Anyone can be a case manager, so if you have a degree and or advanced degree, you are over qualified for this position, so don’t waste your precious time. This woman single handly focuses on interviewing those with advancements in their career, for competitive ,personal reasons, which is sociopathic in its self. She will even interview with you if she’s already filled the position , which is werid. Upon interviewing with Hope, she will demean your skills, achievements, education and ask condsending questions, that ultimately disqualify you. It’s as if she’s not looking to hire anyone and or looking to hire someone who isn’t more educated than she is. This woman seeks to hire people who have little to no education, so that she can demean them. She also seems a little off. No feeling behind her eyes, blank stare, cold and standoffish body language. She will ask trick questions in hopes you fail, because this isn’t looking to hire anyone at this so called non profit. This is some hood company, claiming to have government funding. In fact, she claims the government wants her new hirees to have paid experience on their resume, not volunteer or internship work experience. WHAT KIND OF BULL IS That? Who’s funding you? a fantasy government? Hope is a little off and seems a bit high. Theres no feeling behind her tone, laguage or body gestures. She’s completely hallow. its almost as if she’s trying to intimidate you or make you uncomfortable. She has a very bad passive-aggressive attitude and she plays power trip games. Not sure how she managed to become an MFT, but anywho, i think this company is a stage front. Her company was first in the valley, then the offices moved to the hood, and then hawthorne, and now to a nice office in Inglewood. Why is her company moving around so much? Is her cover being blown? what’s she trying to hide? Its all a front. She literally collects resumes, will call you with a rude attitude demanding you interview with her, and upon doing so, she grills you, disrespects you and demeans you, only to disqualify you for something you were overqualified for and over educated for to begin with. She will ask you questions about “clients” and ask how you would handle the situation and then pressure you to make a choice if that situation is minor, medium, or major and whatever answer you give will be wrong. Its simply a trick interview, a trick job, and a tricky company. She has no real job for anyone. in fact, she even changes the name of the company as she posts the so called job openings online. Why would she be doing that? why is this woman so weird? why does she waste people’s time? why is she so interested in ego tripping to boast her own ego at other people’s expense? why is she so condsceding? whats the point of all this meaningless behavior? If she has a degree in therapy, a real non profit that is helping at risk young adults with foster care, then why is she so disrespectful and presenting as a difficult human to work with? She seems to hire people who will work the front office and continue to fake this company is real and professional. I don’t know who she thinks shes fooling but i could see right through this lady. She is very passive-aggressive and cold hearted. Don’t be fooled and don’t waste your time with this hater. If you’re looking to supplment your income or looking for a temporary position or something to tie you over in the mean time, such as what i was doing , when i sought this company out, go elsewhere. Move on and find something better. This so called non profit and its owner are inferior and a complete waste to entertain. I also don’t understand why they call the company ” Prophet and Associations”? Don’t you mean profit? What’s prophetic about this company? Nothing at all. Pleaseeee

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