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The company refuses to refund $1850 paid for by my Father, who is since deceased, for a job that was never completed. My father hired Dolphin Carpet and Tile in Deerfield Beach, Florida, to replace carpeting in his house following a flood that destroyed the carpeting. Prior to the carpet installation, the walls of the rooms that were to be carpeted had to be re-dry walled and painted. Unbeknownst to me, my Dad paid $1850 (Master bedroom) of the total quoted amount of $3, 500 (mater bedroom plus 2 guest bedrooms) to Dolphin Carpet and Tile in January 2016 prior to the job being started. The balance of $1650 was to be paid once the job was completed. Unfortunately, my Dad passed away 2 days before the carpet was to be installed and prior to the job even being started. However, to his credit and unbeknownst to me or my brother, my Dad had already written out a check to pay the remainder of the balance. However, when Dolphin arrived to install the carpet 2 days after my Dad passed away, Annette Patalidis from Dolphin kept calling my brother demanding the remainder of the payment before the job could get started. Because my Dad had just passed away, we were unsure of how to proceed with writing a check on his behalf since we didn”t have a trust banking account set up since my Dad passed away unexpectedly. In addition, we were unaware that my Dad had already written out a check for Dolphin that he had left in his checkbook. Since I am the executor of my Dad”s trust, my brother kept contacting me on the day of the installation to bring over a check on behalf of my Dad. Per my brother, “every 15 minutes”, Annette Patalidis from Dolphin Carpet and Tile was calling him about the check for the remainder of the balance. Unreasonable, since Dolphin already had $1850 and they hadn”t even started to install the carpeting when the workers from Dolphin asked for a check for the remaining balance. When the workers from Dolphin did start the job, despite not having the remainder balance, they banged up the recently painted walls and base boards and my brother fired them from the job due to their poor workmanship.My brother took pictures of the damage, which I also witnessed upon inspection of the house later that same day. As I am the executor of my Dad”s estate, I recently discovered on April 5, 2016 that my Dad had paid Dolphin $1850 on January 29, 2016 with check# 1389, the cost of carpeting the master bedroom, for a job that was never done. I called Dolphin on 4/5/16 and spoke to the manager Paul who stated that the money wouldn”t be refunded because my brother was “abusive” to his workers company and himself, prior and during the job. Tried to explain to Paul that his workers damaged the walls and base boards in my Dad”s newly painted rooms for which we have pictures to document the damage. Paul didn”t care about the damage or the poor workmanship stating that their company has a waiver on the back of their contract to exonerate them from damage done to people”s houses during installation. Needless to say, I was denied the refund on behalf of my Dad and essentially this unscrupulous company has kept the money for a job that was never done. I am requesting the refund of $1850 for a job that was never completed. If the company is unwilling to refund the money then they should at least give us the carpeting that had already been paid for and for which reportedly, per Paul, had already been cut to fit the rooms. This is an unacceptable business practice. If my brother was abusive and threatened Dolphin workers before and during the entire process as reported by their manager Paul, then why didn”t Dolphin fire my Dad as a client and refund the money before the project was ever started. In addition, if my brother threatened his workers physically as Paul claimed at the time Dolphin arrived to install the carpeting, then why didn”t Dolphin call the police? Just excuses from an unscrupulous company who has failed to refund a deceased man”s money or at least deliver us the carpeting that has already been cut and paid for by my deceased father. Once I published a negative review of their company on Yelp and reported the issue to the Better Business Bureau, the manager Paul was only then willing to refund me $1350 but, only under the stipulation, that I remove my Yelp review and rescind my complaint with the BBB. I was unwilling to do so until AFTER I received the refund. Dolphin refuses to refund me until their demands are met. Therefore, we are at a stand still with our negotiations for a resolution of this issue. However, the company”s policy reportedly is to refund 50% of the down payment as a restocking/cancellation fee. If that were the case, then why didn”t the company automatically refund my father 50% of the $1850 down payment prior to my having to call the company 2 months after my father fired them. Buyer beware of this company.

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