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As children, we need life to make sense and so we create stories that carry our deepest beliefs about ourselves – our strengths, our weaknesses, what we do and don’t deserve – and how others want us to be. At some point, however, who we really are inside no longer fits the person our story tells us we are. We may get depressed, feel lost, become irritable, and we may make poor choices. Therapy can help us find a better story for ourselves. Let me help you find the one that best honors the unique person you were born to become.My specialty is improving the quality of connection within yourself and with others, whether in marriage, a parent-child relationship, siblings, or peers at work. Symptoms tell us where there is an important conflict between your choices and who you really are. Emotional discomfort always points to its own cure.I have a wide range of life experiences which include being born abroad, being a father, a husband, a musician, and an athlete. They have been my greatest teacher and provide me a generous reference point from which to listen to the complex and unique lives of my patients.

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