Donna Klein Jewish Academy

Donna Klein Jewish Academy

This is not a complaint against your organization, more of a customer alert that you should be aware of as a customer of saffer & company, coupled with the fact that this company only recommends / uses two catering companies; which means this alert has a 50% chance of pertaining to you and your past / future employee & guests. | Image a kitchen that is preparing your banquet meal. In this kitchen, image an employee going to the bathroom, having a bowel movement, flush the toilet, and then either, by not knowing, or just not having a functional sink and soap available, going back to work preparing your meal for your event with his/her bare hands. If you read the “outscam crystal bay caterers sam lopiccolo catering concerning health inspection report – consistent violations and fines and fines going back to 2012 boca raton florida”, you will see this is not a malicious fantasy, but based on state of florida health inspections. | If you used crystal catering – this is not your fault, you contracted with saffer & company to act as your professional agent that had a duty to address and protect your organization from such risks. This means saffer & company assumed the “reasonable person” role of recommending your catering company, and thus had the consideration duty of: | Foreseeable risks of harm of his actions I.E. Recommending a vendor with a poor health inspection record or past litigation records) | Extent of the risks I.E. Food contamination and / or food poisoning, inappropriate management of funds) | Likelihood such risks would actually cause said harm to others; I.E. Access free, online public records of said vendor’s past health inspections – perhaps online trial records as well) | Explore alternatives with lesser risks, and the costs of those alternatives. I.E. If said company is using crystal bay catering because they are cheap, see if they can get competitive bids from a more sanitary caterer or engage one that is more expensive but safer, and explain the reason for the higher prices to clients) | As with most negligence cases, there has to be proof of damages, and even if someone attending one of your banquets did get sick, they may have misdiagnosed it as the flue or just not reported it to you. However, if you are aware of such a possibility, it is suggested you consult a lawyer – especially one versed in the calculus of negligence, or the hand formula United states v. Carroll towing co. 159 f.2d 169 (2d. Cir. 1947) written by judge learned hand) | We apologize for using this media to inform you of this concern, but because of past experiences with certain parties involved I.E. Physical abuse and verbal / sexual harassment), it was felt necessary to communicate in a way to both provide personal protection through anonymity, as well as to insure this issue continues to focus on the facts that pertain to your organization, not historical personal issues that are not legally germane to this situation. | Reference also outscam “saffer & company saffer & company health inspection reports on their listed prefered caterer crystal bay caterers internet”

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