Don's Small Engine & ATV Service

Don's Small Engine & ATV Service

We had first heard of Dons Small engine due to the issue we were having with our lawn mower. The manufacturer told us to call them and send it there. They came and picked it up on June 15th. A few days later Don called and said in order to get the mower fixed we would have to pay $485.00! I don’t think so… This was a new mower and under the manufacturer warrany. They said it was due to a sealant being put on the carburetor- well it wasn’t by me or anyone else in my house. We went around and around with getting this repaired. I was not going to pay for something I did not do… I was told this may not even be the issue, but the carb has to be replaced BEFORE they will even look further into it. I had been in contact with Don and he seemed to go the extra mile to help us out, but his hands were tied and could not do anything more unless we pay. I contacted the manufacturer and Dons Small Engine and NOT ONE person said they could help me. Only if I replaced the carbureter, would they help us out. I ended up contacting Farm and Tractor supply for some help and finally got the help we needed. They told me to go get the lawn mower from Dons Small Engine and they would give us a new one. They too could not belive how a customer was being treated. On July 7th at 9:00am I called Dons Small Engine and told them that we needed to pick up the mower and that we would be by that afternoon to pick it up, I was told they would try to have it ready. I again stressed that we were picking it up today and to have it ready. I called around 1:00 that afternoon told them again that I was picking it up and told them to have it ready. I was told they would try to have it done. Stressed again, that I was on my way to get it. When I arrived to pick it up at 2:00pm, I was told it was not ready, and they were going to charge me to pick it up. WHAT!? They wanted to charge me $85.00!!? For what? Not repairing something? My husband and I had to get a little heated and they said they would release it! I mower was assembled poorly! Gas leaking all over, they scratched the hood of the mower, hoses not being put back on. It ran when I gave it to them – I could not start it when I picked it up. They just rolled it out the fence and told us to have a nice day! Wow, what a Jerky way to do business. After reading all the reviews, I am not suprised at all. Farm and Tractor supply will be checking into using a different repair shop for their customers. They really did pull through for us!

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