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I joined doordash became dasher. this company is complete scam. i got my dasher kit installed dasher app activated my red card. got my first order delivered the order on time. the app would not let me off the order so i could get another order so i called doordash was informed app was not working right and in order to get another order they would have to cancell order showing i didnt deliver it so the order was cancelled. | After one and a half hours of being on this order it was cancelled even though i picked it up and delivered it. so i get a second order and after looking for 20 minutes for the coffee shop that was 3 blocks away from the address they gave me i ordered the coffee tried to pay for it with my red card that door dash issued me to pay for food. | It kept declining after 4 tries i payed for the order out of my pocket and delivered it to customer. told her i had to pay out of my pocket for order showed her ticket where i paid. she told me she paid doordash and tiped. | again the app kept me on that order and i called again to doordash was told cards sometimes dont work and in order for me to get off this order it would have to be cancelled and doordash again cancelled the order even though i paid for it and delivered it so i wasted another hour and half on second order. | this is complete scam they recruit with lies about how fast a person can make deliverys and make up to 25 dollars an hour i used my car and made 2 complete orders and recieved absolutely nothing for 3 hours time and paid for one order out of my pocket. each order says tips included in base pay for order in other words tips are kept by doordash.

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  1. Lavern Bolch
    June 16, 2020
  2. Larisa Krienke
    June 16, 2020
  3. Chery Patneaude
    June 16, 2020

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