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One of my specialties is clearing the troubling impact of SEXUAL ABUSE AND TRAUMA.The process is painless and brief using Rapid Resolution Therapy. Go to for more information. In addition I have experience in dealing with issues including FROZEN GRIEF, ANXIETY AND PANIC, CHRONIC PAIN, EATING DISORDERS, WEIGHT LOSS, AND RELATIONSHIPS (improving or ending). My focus is to liberate your mind and go where you are joyful! I have over 500 hours of training in clinical hypnotherapy as used in RAPID RESOLUTION THERAPY (which may be the most rapid and powerful psychotherapy tool available today). Also I use the BIOACOUSTICAL UTILIZATION DEVICE (a neurofeedback device) to clear preoccupation. My private practice(since 2003) supports HOLISTIC APPROACHES TO HEALING.Have you tried all kinds of therapies without satisfaction or just want a new approach? I look forward to hearing from you! A blend of holistic approaches and science combine to provide caring therapy that combines my energy with yours to focus on results.

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