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I became in contact with dot com media to inquire about potential business opportunities to later find out that there company was a complete scam. Nick, their employee came to our office and continously pressured one of the female workers in the office into beleiving that he could promote us with organic searches from google ads. Nick had guarenteed that he would promote us with google ads and other networking companies to later find out that he has no affiliation with either of them. He used googles name in order to create what was later found to be a false image of a company. | Dot com media stated that they are an international company and that they work with companies big companies such as uber to later find out that this was not true. Nick, who only works with sales, scammed us out of our money with no advertisement ,website and no results. After nick, dot com media’s sales employee, received the payment, we never received a phone call or even an answer from him. Each time we reached out to talk with him about the progress of advertisements and website, after a month passed by, with nothing done yet,we called again and he would tell us “yeah you can check on the status in 5 days,” “you can call me in 7 days,” and if we wanted to meet with him he would say, “yeah you can meet with me in 3 weeks.” each time we would reach out to him he would continously try and buy time. What kind of company would stall time and not have time to talk with their clients on the phone? | After a month or so of no service received, nick sent us an exact incomplete duplicate of our original website with a different color scheme. Soon after, we figured out that he was a scam artist and he refused to give us a refund of our money. Soon after he realized that we picked up on his scam, he began saying that he refused to lose his commision and he would not be give us our money back. | Until this day, after two and half months they still have not completed our website and they are not going to. Nick said he worked for a couple of hours and after asking for the money back they threatened us with bad yelp reviews and that they have connections with yelp to bring us down, they also threatened us with a lawyers letter, whom works for them as a tactic to scare customers into not getting their money back. We still do not know how nick received our check with three thousand dollars even though the owner of our company never signed it nor never met him. | Dot com media has done this to many customers but just changing their company name each time. They are also known as dot com media moguls and web wise media, which they have a outscam with them with the exact same complaints as i have. This is what this company does, scams other companies into believing.

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