Downtown Dog Resort & Spa

Downtown Dog Resort & Spa Review

I boarded my dog for 1.5 weeks with training included while I was on a cruise, I consistently called and was told everything was fine, but it was not. When I came back to pick up my dog he had lost 20 pounds with his ribs showing, and he was very sick, I saw it in his eyes when i arrive to pick him up, he was hacking up phlegm, diarrhea very despondent, with a fever…an I was not called about a few other things concerning my dog while in the kennel such as limping with a swollen toe pad…. I was told by Dr. at onsite SWAN vet hospital that the facility was not equipped to treat him and that he had to go to the emergency hospital… I took my dog to PET ER in Towson and they were upset that Downtown Dog Resort would let this happen to any dog…My dog was there in PET ER for 5 days with double pneumonia, and kennel cough in critical condition…. | Jim ( the manager) is as disgusting as it gets and also is a liar.. he reassured me and my adult son that he would take care of all bills from this situation with my dog becoming sick in their care, I had to hunt him down just to talk about the situation…..after paying $12,000.00 to the PET ER he ignored me and said to Towson PET ER that he was not going to pay for anything… I never received a called from any of the owners to ask me exactly what happen…I did get back my boarding fee and was offer a mere $2000.00…which I did not take at that time and to which I thought was not fair to me or my dog, I tried to go legal with it, but of course the owner is a lawyer and fought me through silly circumstances instead of admitting they were at fault. It is / was really hard to find an animal lawyer here in Maryland to represent me…Please don’t take your dog here… it’s sickening that they make some of their fortune in caring for animals and do a lousy unfit job at it but are still getting paid from those who are looking for a caring kennel… Staff is untrained as well…..My dog almost died from a result of staff / facility not paying attention and the cruel uncaring intent of the practice, and the nerve that SWAN hospital had to send me a $400.00 bill for services at SWAN hospital for services before he was admitted into ER PET hospital, they won’t get a penny from me… ever….. I lost money from this… but I saved my dog on my own expense…. Again BEWARE….. find another facility……… save yourself from heartache/ anger for your fur babies…THIS PLACE SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN……….

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