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Are you ready to start living the life you want to live? Often times, we engage in self-defeating behaviors in order to fulfill our unmet needs. My focus is on meeting you where you are at, and helping you get your needs met in a more effective way. Based on your therapeutic goals, we will work on connecting more with your emotions and body, healing unhealed wounds from childhood, developing healthier thought patterns, and increasing self-awareness. Most of all, I will provide a safe place where you can express yourself and explore who you really are.I enjoy working with adults of all ages, but I especially love working with young adults (ages 18-mid 30’s). My specialties include couples therapy/relationship issues, trauma (emotional abuse/neglect from childhood), and self-love. I am passionate about collaborating with clients throughout their self-discovery/healing journey.It’s very rewarding to see my clients gain greater self-awareness, love themselves more, have more satisfying relationships, and live a life true to who they really are. To find out more, check out my website at www.drakihotanaka.com or connect with me at (540)854-1887 today!

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