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I am an adult psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience, specialized in psychopharmacology and research Treatment of ADHD, mayor depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, bipolar disorders and psychosis When possible I use natural alternatives in combination with therapy, I also work in conjunction with therapists and medical doctors when appropriate The initial evaluation is one hour and follow ups are half hour as neededMy main goal in treatment is to find the cause of the symptoms and the treatment with least side effects Sometimes only therapy is needed, or short term medication, at times a combination is best or long term medication in any case, effectiveness, tolerability and affordability are essentialI created a natural supplement to help with mood, focus and libido called The Glow Experience Low mood, lack of focus, low energy and libido are common in many psychiatric disorders and the general population Access to the study publication may be found on the websiteThe-glow-experiencecom

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