Dr. Christina Burrows

Dr. Christina Burrows

This is dr. Christina burrows and she is married to this con-man. Naved jafry. He scams investors by setting up fake companies like these: | Www.Zeons.Org fake www.Zeons.Org/zmu fake. He has been sued for scamming but he is smart enough to hide his assets in dr. Christina burrows name. He scams with this con-man. Garson silvers and as you can see he is also being sued for scamming an investor in california for $895,000. | www.Robbevans.com/assets/case-files/32b8fcdb2a/westhareport03.Pdf | Dr. Christina burrows is a clinical neuropsychologist and i guess they have dementia when it comes to giving back the $750,000 they stole from mrs ogelsby when she invested and trusted naved in his fake company www.Zeons.Org. Just to show you how low they will go to steal from investors they had a fake religious site up and was lying to investors that joel osteen’s mom was a silent partner on the fake company. | www.Theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/17/johnson-joy-naved-jafry-housing-department-religious-charity | Call 713-693-5000 they already have a case for these con-artists!

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