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Adults want a safe place to talk and share their problems. They want a honest and caring, intelligent, educated professional to actually listen and hear them. They want solutions to their problems or ways to handle them. My philosophy emphasizes the crucial role of “coming from choice” in decision making and problem solving. This empowers adults, and children, to be in control of their own lives. Taking personal responsibility for one’s choices leads to personal growth. Children need to be treated with respect and with awe and enjoyed for their unique personalities and gifts, regardless of their outward behaviors. They’re special!I am a multi-disciplinary clinician offering over forty years of expertise of holistic background and services in four fields: 1) School & Clinical Psychology, 2) Counseling & Therapy, 3) Special Education Assessment and Consultation and 4) Mediation. With children, I display sincere interest and enjoyment in them. We talk and we “play” together. Testing becomes pleasurable for both of us. It allows me to get optimum results, especially with intelligence testing. With adults, honestly- felt acceptance of them, despite what they tell me, is what creates warmth and trust in my counseling/therapy session.

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