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I believe “Where There Is Love There IS A Way!” If YOU want to attract, create and keep a loving relationship, you must first understand, accept, forgive and love yourself. Then you are ready to understand, accept, forgive and love another person. And then you will discover what can help YOU create a loving relationship that keeps evolving and blossuming. Emotional, communication and sexual problems quickly get resolved as loving feelings intensify. As a Relationship Therapist, Couples and Marriage Counselor, Sex Therapist, Life/Health/Wellness Coach and Love Mentor, I help you bring back desire, sensuality, passion and joy in your relationships.I help men and women, gay and straight, create loving relationships now, no matter what happened in the past. Trained in body oriented psychotherapy, I help your body let go of habitual tension, your mind develop new brain pathways, and your heart become open to giving and receiving love. Let me help.I understand the mind/body/spirit connection and how your body provides important answers. I may use gentle touch, somatic awareness, and body oriented psychotherapy to help you reach inside, feel your emotions, express your needs with clarity and develop a deep knowing of what is right for you.

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