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Sometimes finding the right person to talk to is what we need in order to make sense of the challenges we face in life. If you have found this website chances are you are seeking the opportunity to live your life in a different way. If you are faced with emotional, physical, or spiritual distress now is the time to enter your own personal journey of transformation. I would be honored to support you through this process. I take a holistic relational approach which is helpful in resolving individual and family issues, we will work together to find solutions.My work experience includes community based in-home family therapy, school-based therapy (children grades K-12), and clinical work at the Brief Therapy Institute at Nova Southeastern University. My experience includes teaching in higher education for over 10 years and helping my clients identify their true potential in life.My passion lies in helping others identify their preferred stories whether it is working through relationships…or simply trying to find their voice during a difficult season in life. My expertise is helping to restore relationships: parent and child, conflictual couples, pre-marital counseling, and individuals seeking solutions to live their best life.

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