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Relationships. Whether it be with family, friends, colleagues, romantic partners, or with yourself, our lives revolve around the connections we have with others. When any relationship experiences tension or discord, it can cause struggles at home, school, and or work. Often, this struggle leads to feelings of anxiety and depression. After you have exhausted your solutions, it’s time to turn to someone with experience to help you create a plan to repair or reconcile what may be broken. Through individual, couples, or family counseling, my goal is to help you and yours overcome barriers that block your ability to meaningfully connect.From children, adolescents, parents, and couples, to individuals looking to better themselves, I specialize in the relational element of life. With my masters degree in marriage and family therapy, doctoral degree in counselor education, and appointment as an assistant professor, I am proficient in supporting you and yours to find interpersonal happiness.As a certifed Gottman therapist, Dr. Hannah Bowers offers the most effective form of Marital and Pre-Martial Counseling, the Gottman Method Couples Therapy. This method is designed to help deepen friendship and intimacy in your relationship. Together, we will work to appreciate your relationships strengths and gently navigate through its vulnerabilities.

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