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Are you your own worst critic? Is there a battle in your mind interfering with healthy progress and happiness in your life? If conflict within or with others is exhausting you, practical tools can begin to lower stress and increase effectiveness today. I use a brain-based cutting-edge approach that lowers anxiety, balances emotions, and makes your rational mind more effective. You are invited to a safe accepting therapy environment. My approach is unique, supportive, and offers practical help now, not unending therapy. If too much precious time has been spent in emotional struggle, you can begin to make positive changes now.My experience includes anxiety, depression, anger management, self-esteem and self-confidence, couples and family conflict, issues of sexuality, sexual preference, health issues, career frustration, and caregiver fatigue. I have experience with the stresses and challenges faced by parents with developmentally disabled children and children on the spectrum.Whatever is hurting you, scaring you, and interfering with your peace and happiness, please feel free to call me for a free initial phone consultation. You can judge your level of comfort with my unique approach and style. I will tell you if I feel I can be of help in your unique situation.

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