Dr. Jennifer Evans, DC

Dr. Jennifer Evans, DC

Treated by Dr Evans when my perfered DC was out. I have been using accunpunture >30 years and know how it is/should be performed. Dr. Evans did not properly palpate and locate the EXACT meridian point for needle insertion. Walked in, asked where the pain was, and began to (best described as) drop pins. one pin penterated a long muscle. Resulting in sever pain. this event has comlications of sore,still calf, sharp painfull distal lower exteremty (below insertion point) pain and cramping. This is week 5 post procedure with no releif.As for the spinal adjustment, she did not palpate the spine tp locat the exact problem areas. just quick adjustment (that was unsuccessful as she does not posess the physical strenth of roper technique to adjust a strong fat man. (71″ 260 lb). | I pay my co-pay the 1st of the month from my VA disability. I have a + balance of $100.00. I requested, in person on my last visit to refund the money as I will never use that practice again. I have called the off every week for 5 weeks requesting a refund, with no action. | I cannot recommend Dr. Evans for any treatment. | Chuck Florence, South Carolina

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