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Through comprehensive psychological assessments, I help children and adults uncover the root of their academic/work challenges and develop tailored solutions to improve daily life. If your child is struggling in school, not making the grades, or constantly getting calls from their teacher, you may begin to feel helpless, like everything you tried doesn’t seem to help. Or, if you’re an adult that had a hard time in school and now you’re facing standardized testing, college classes, or difficulty at work, you’re probably worried by how you’ll possibly make it through the next step without any additional help.If you want to understand what’s really going on and how to make academics/daily life better for yourself or your child, psychological testing may be the next best step for you. Is it a learning disability, ADHD, “bad habits, ” or something else? The answer to your questions will inform you of exactly what can help and increase confidence in your abilities.At Strengths and Solutions, I examine the challenges present and how to best address them. My psychoeducational evaluations give you answers you’ve been looking for by informing whether you/your child meet diagnostic criteria for disorders that commonly impact performance in school/daily life. I also specialize in IQ testing for gifted and school admissions.

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