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My name is Dr Leonard A Lado, I am a board certified psychiatrist in Bonita Springs Florida and South Florida I serve the population of Marco Island, Naples, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Southwest Florida My specialty is the treatment of non-Methadone Detox, Oxycontin and Pain Killer Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Alcohol dependence, and Crystal Meth Addiction using state of the art outpatient Suboxone medication treatments My Care Philosophy: Patients are intelligent and able to make choices in collaboration with their physicians Dignity and humanity is first and fore mostMy practice has the ability to do Computer Assisted Psychiatric Diagnosis and Pharmacogenetic Testing for Psychotropic Medication response which takes out the guessing game of matching the right medication for the highly probable diagnosis and patient metabolism Pharmacogenetic testing is possible in our facility and obtain results within 3 daysThe term Pharmacogenetic (Pharmacogenomics) refers to the study of how genes affect the way a patient responds to medication Genetic differences can influence the efficacy of medications, can be the source of serious drug side-effects, and increase the risk of drug-to-drug interactions

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