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You are exhausted! You cannot seem to get anything done ever because you cannot run any errands or leave the house with your toddler. You wish that you could leave him with the neighbor for just one hour. You, of course, HATE going anywhere. The dread that comes over you when you arrive in the Target parking lot…you know this trip is going to end in tears (for both you and your child). Thank goodness for Amazon Prime! Every time the phone rings and it is the school calling, you know they need you to pick him up…again! One more incident and they will not let him return…and he is just a kid! As a clinical psychologist and parenting expert, I walk you through your unique situations and give you tools that you can use throughout your parenting journey. I understand the importance of raising children who become amazing, independent, and awesome adults. You will be soon be able to feel confident, set boundaries and get back to loving parenting. Call now for an over-the-phone, 15-minute consultation. You can learn more about me and my therapeutic approach and if we are the perfect fit. We can discuss what to expect in therapy, session fees, and utilization of out-of-network benefits. Together we can get you back to loving being a parent, the way you always expected parenthood would be.

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