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I evaluate brain function and, when appropriate, use techniques to “re-wire” the brain. Patients with dementia (e.g., Alzheimer’s), TBI, ADHD, & memory problems are my specialty.A thought is nothing but a neurochemical message of the brain. When we change our thoughts, we change our brain. When we change our brain, we change our life! I am trained in brain behavior, with a specialty in accidents and diseases that affect the brain. I completed a Ph.D. program, internship, and postdoctoral residency specializing in Neuropsychology.Keep your mind/brain healthy and you are at your peak, optimal self.Neuropsychology is the subspecialty of psychology dealing with brain behaviors. The mind is a manifestation of the functions of the brain. The brain has a very specific set of networks, comprised of neuroanatomical structures, which work together to make up your cognition, emotions, personality, and behaviors (i.e., “You”).I have specialty training in memory disorders, movement disorders and neurodevelopment disorders. I am Spanish bilingual with specialty in immigration issues.

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